The start of something past due

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


where are you? you-the one I'm supposed to be with. The one I'm searching for. You elude me.
when will we meet? or have we met already? maybe we caught eachother's eye in passing. maybe not. maybe I passed you by, thought nothing of it and you did nothing to retaliate. no. that can't be it. i would not have passed you by, would not have brushed you off if you were the you i am searching for. are you here in new england, walking among the hills and valleys and brightly colored trees of fall? or are you on the california coast bathing in the sunlight, wondering where am i, the you you've been searching for? tell me are your feet grounded; will you not come to me? find me in the frozen winter and warm my hands, cold as icicles?
i would be ashamed if we never meet.


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